11 baby shower gifts ideas to offer to a future mother

11 baby shower gifts ideas to offer to a future mother

baby shower gifts ideas

The baby shower is the celebration that highlights the mother-to-be and the baby. Activities, treats, souvenirs will be in the spotlight, but also gifts! If last time we gave you ideas for a baby shower, today we’ll reveal all the little secrets for a gift that will please you. Here are 11 baby shower gifts ideas:

1. A souvenir book

Notice to expectant mothers with the hormones inflated to the max, this gift will bring tears to their eyes. A pretty photo album where you can slip in memories or write little words will always be appreciated. What’s even better is to personalize it with pictures of the parents when they were babies when they met, the belly of the mother-to-be…they can then complete their story with pictures of their own baby.

2. A-frame for the baby’s imprint

In the “souvenir” category, I suggest you offer a setting where the mother can immortalize her baby’s little hands or feet. A fun activity to do and which will allow you to keep nice memories of the baby. You can also buy one in width so that the whole family can play the game.

3. A knitting kit

If the mother-to-be is a fan of manual activities and Do It Yourself, the knitting kit will be the ideal gift! There are boxes with everything you need (even balls) to make pretty clothes or accessories for a baby. She will find inside a small notebook explaining each step of the manufacturing process. This gift is practical, especially at the end of pregnancy, a fateful time when the mother is impatiently waiting for the birth.

4. Humorous books on parenting

Is your friend expecting her first child? You can then play the humor card and offer him illustrated books that explain the life of mothers. Focus on learning but also on humor to make him smile. She will enjoy reading these books and learning about this new life that awaits her.

5. Hour coupons for babysitting

You always have to have a sense of humor, and even more so when it comes to having a child because you know very well that your life as a couple will feel it passing. Here is an original gift that will make future moms laugh: some
good for babysitting. You can ask around your friend and see which people you trust would give a few hours of their time to enjoy a piece of cabbage and give free time for young parents. One thing is certain, a few months after the birth, they will be happy to take a break for a one-to-one break.

6. A jewel for her and the baby

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, especially when it is symbolic. women have a big crush on the pregnancy bolas. But if your friend already has one, I advise you to take a piece of jewelry for her, but also one for the baby. Ideally, you can personalize them, so you can offer a gift card if she doesn’t want to reveal her baby’s name in advance.

7. A massage or a spa coupon

Taking care of yourself: the keyword of pregnancy. It is not always easy to find the time, the desire or the money to buy a massage or a short afternoon in a Spa. This gift will be perfect for all pretty or tired moms. Being pampered has never hurt anyone, so she should enjoy it as much as she does! Remember to check the care that is appropriate for pregnant women before booking.

8. A session at the hairdresser, beautician or manicure

Always with the idea of giving pleasure, these gift ideas will be perfect for moms who like to make themselves pretty. Taking time for yourself is important, so it is important to combine it with a moment of relaxation where you will take care of the future mother. Good except for the beautician, but it can be very practical when she no longer sees her toes.

9. A handbag or changing bag

A true war ally for all young mothers, the changing bag is a real organized tote bag in which she can slip all the essentials to go out with her baby. Nowadays, there are trendy and refined models that will perfectly match the mother’s style.

10. Beauty products

If you cannot afford a weekend in a Spa, you can choose an equally effective alternative by buying beauty products. Pay attention to their composition and choose organic products to preserve the skin of your friend who is pregnant. This will allow her to create a cocooning atmosphere at home. Make a small box with an extra candle inside and it will be the spa that will come to her.

11. A photoshoot

we save the best for last with our favorite baby shower gifts ideas: a photoshoot. Of course, the cost is higher but it is worth it. Parents can either immortalize the pregnancy or keep the coupon to take birth photos with their baby. They will be able to take their first official family photo with you in mind, and that’s priceless!

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