13 ideas to make a Christmas pregnancy announcement

Christmas pregnancy announcement: 13 ideas to surprise your family

christmas pregnancy announcement

That’s it, the good news is out: you’re about to become a mother! It’s a good thing, Christmas is coming and it’s the perfect opportunity to share this great happiness with your loved ones. But how do you announce your pregnancy at Christmas? TrenBaby gives you some original Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas to mark the occasion and make your family and friends happy for sure.

1. Have an unforgettable Christmas selfie

To surprise your loved ones when you announce your pregnancy, bet on a rather original selfie. Once everyone is ready to celebrate Christmas, gather them together to take a souvenir photo, do a countdown and then instead of shouting the traditional “cheese”, replace it with “I am pregnant”. Surprise effect guaranteed!

To find inspiration, we suggest you watch the video of this mother-to-be who announces her pregnancy to her parents and friends thanks to this technique:

2. Add a plate to the Christmas table

To announce your pregnancy at Christmas, enjoy the famous family meal. Will there be eight of you at your Christmas dinner? Set 9 place settings and let your friends and family know who the mystery guest is. You can also leave a note on the plate saying “Grandpa, Grandma, next year we’ll be one more, add a place setting! »

3. Make a seating plan

Just as you would have done for a wedding, create a seating plan. But instead of writing down everyone’s first names, write down their future nickname: “dad”, “grandpa”, “grandma”, “uncle”, “aunt”, etc. They may not understand it at first, but they will be even more surprised!

4. Decorate the Christmas log

Dessert time is often a good time for a Christmas pregnancy announcement. Take the opportunity to decorate the log and write a pretty sentence on it with icing to announce your pregnancy, such as “our family will soon grow…”. To make the surprise work, don’t forget to serve it yourself!

5. Build your family tree

Another Christmas pregnancy announcement original way is to trace your family history by creating a family tree-like “Do It Yourself”. Add a box for your future little one and offer it to your loved ones who will be delighted to see that the family is growing! You can easily find models below :

6. Make a calendar

This year, why not create your own calendar for your loved ones? Decorate it in your own way and slip in a small treat or gift every day. On the 25th, offer an object symbolizing the baby’s arrival: a pacifier, a plush toy or a slipper with a note to announce the good news.

7. Put your own Christmas ball on the tree

Before everyone gets together around the tree, slip in a Christmas ball that you have previously made with a miniature of your ultrasound or a baby slipper. Keep it in plain view and wait for someone to discover it.

8. Offer a special scratch card

This year, no scratch card to earn money but to announce your good news. you can find a lot of models down below :


9. Leave a gift without a recipient at the foot of the tree

The mystery gift to announce your pregnancy at Christmas is a good way to create suspense when opening gifts. In a shoebox filled with crumpled newspaper, leave a hint about your pregnancy: a note, an ultrasound, a bottle, a shoe, in short everything that reminds you of the world of newborns. Wrap the box and have it opened by the people of your choice, it will be the most beautiful gift under the tree!

10. Personalize your gifts

To announce the arrival of the baby at Christmas, opt for a rather unusual gift but personalized with some wordplay.

11. Make your own Christmas cards

Instead of buying a ready-made Christmas card, make your own! On one side, stick your ultrasound and on the other side, write an original note. Any idea of a word? “Hello grandpa and grandma, I will soon be present among you! You have six months left to prepare for my arrival! Baby. ». Your parents will inevitably be moved by this lovely attention!

12. Tell your loved ones about their future role via a personalized object

To announce your pregnancy in an original way at Christmas, find or have personalized items made: t-shirts, cups, key rings, bracelets, in short, any item as long as their role is clearly written on them.


13. If you don’t like these ideas, keep it simple but effective

Didn’t you find inspiration among all these ideas? So keep it simple. To tell your loved ones about your pregnancy at Christmas, simply offer them a book that will help them understand their role. There are many guides: for the future father, the future grandfather, the future grandmother, etc. A safe way to create a surprise while offering a useful gift.

So nice surprise and above all, merry Christmas!


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