best baby carrier for lower back pain

the 6 best baby carrier for lower back pain on the market

the 6 best baby carrier for lower back pain on the market

best baby carrier for lower back pain

The best baby carrier for lower back pain ?? After several hours of research and comparison of around 20 of the most popular models on the market, we have selected the 6 best baby carrier for lower back pain, among which the Manduca Pure Cotton Baby Carrier is, in our opinion, the best value for money.

With its three carrying positions, it is suitable for newborns and older babies up to 20 kilos. It respects the baby’s physiological position and is adjustable and comfortable for the wearer. Its composition in 100% organic cotton also seduced us!

What is a baby carrier?

It is a tool consisting of a sort of backpack, which is placed in the front or the back. Inside it, you can carry an infant that, depending on the strength and dimensions of the product, can range from 6 months to 4 years. It is a safety item.

This is because it is not only designed to be able to carry the little one. It also prevents the child from falling when he or she is learning to walk. However, it also prevents the child from getting lost when he can run autonomously, keeping him close to his parents.

What are the advantages of the best baby carrier for lower back pain

One of its most significant advantages is that it allows the infant to be rocked by it, without the need to use bottles and other tools that help comfort it when it is crying. It also allows for more comfortable breastfeeding.

The baby carrier becomes quite necessary during the first stages of your child’s life, primarily if you use public transport and need to keep him/her safe. And even if you do not, there is nothing better for keeping him safe than a sling that can be attached to the seat

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best baby carrier for lower back pain

How did we make a choice?

The best baby carrier for lower back pain offers a practical and warm alternative to a stroller or pram. It provides a more intimate contact between baby and carrier, which is ideal for the child. However, there are so many different types and brands that it is difficult to find one’s way around!

To help you in your future acquisition, it is necessary first to analyze the different types of baby carriers:

types of baby carriers

  • Scarves: made of stretchy fabric, they are ideal for carrying newborns, as they adjust to the shape of the baby, it is the best way to keep baby close to you, in a small, practical and comfortable cocoon. They nevertheless require some learning, as it will be necessary to learn how to knot. They are, however very versatile, and also exist in the form of woven scarves. 
  • The preformed ones: they are speedy and easy to use, and their shape is similar to that of a rucksack (adjustable straps and fixed central shape). They are generally less versatile, but many find them more secure. 
  • Mei Tai: they are an excellent alternative between the scarf and the preformed one. In fabric, they are easier to use than the classic scarf because they are already pre-knotted or at least “pre-cut” to be put on quickly, and offer more flexibility than the preformed one.
  • The ring slings: made of fabric. They are knotted and adjustable thanks to two rings. They are efficient for short wears and are therefore very complementary to a more “complex” wear.

Knowing this, one must also pay attention to the baby’s position:

  • The so-called “physiological” area: most baby carriers currently available on the market are so-called “physiological,” i.e., they allow the baby to be placed in an area that respects his or her physiology and is adapted to his or her growth. They maintain the natural curvature of the baby’s back and ensure the ideal position of his little legs.
  • The headrest: it is crucial to support the nape of the neck of the toddlers, who cannot hold their head alone, and also certifies a better comfort for the older ones, among others, when they fall asleep on your back!

Besides, the seating position should be adapted according to the age of your child:

  • The ventral “facing” position: it is recommended to carry newborns in the ventral place, facing towards you. The baby is then comfortably settled and feels protected and reassured.
  • The ventral position “turned towards the world”: from three months of age, it is possible to turn baby towards the world. However, this less physiological position is currently quite controversial for a carrying that respects the child’s proper development.
  • The supine position: When your baby reaches the age of about nine months and can sit upright on his or her own, he or she can start to be carried on his or her back.

Finally, some accessories make carrying easier or more pleasant for parents:

  • The lumbar belt: often adjustable. It helps to distribute the baby’s weight correctly and ideally balances the carrying. You will thus avoid the dreaded back pain!
  • The shoulder straps: they are generally adjustable and padded to ensure maximum comfort. If most of the time, the first adjustments require a little patience and reflection, don’t be discouraged, the habit will come quickly! Also, as the Bambino team advises us, remember to check their length to guarantee your freedom of movement, even with a big sweater or coat.
  • Storage pockets: some baby carriers are well equipped with various pockets and storage kits, which are, as any parent will quickly notice, welcome when you leave the house with a baby. You can store your little one’s products as well as your accessories in them.
  • Ventilation pulls and baby carriers: The ventilation pulls on some baby carriers allow you and your baby’s temperature to be regulated, which makes them more comfortable. There are also babywearing garments, specially designed to fit the shape of the sling.

After analyzing these criteria and comparing around 20 models, we have chosen, with the help of comments from many parents, the six best baby carrier for lower back pain that will suit all desires and all means.  For the sake of simplicity and consistency, we have simply presented the baby carriers for everyday use (excluding models designed for hiking, for example).

The best baby carrier for lower back pain on the market 

The best cheap baby carriers

In this category, you will find two baby carriers suitable for babies up to 15 kg.

Our heart here tends towards a sling model, already pre-knotted for ease of use!

best baby carrier for newborn

best baby carrier for lower back pain


Suitable for newborns and up to 15 kg
100% cotton


Size not adaptable to several carriers

This baby carrier in the form of a pre-weaned sling allows you to carry the baby without having to fear for his safety, and without having to learn the art of packing and tight knots!

This model offers five carrying positions and is therefore suitable for newborns and older babies up to 15 kilos.

In addition to the usual positions (in front of you, in front of the world and on your back), you can put the baby on your hip or in a lying position (in front of you, his little legs in the wrap), which is very practical for toddlers.

This baby carrier and its loose fabric also provide good privacy if you want to breastfeed in public. 

The ergonomic design of the sling ensures the physiological M-shaped position, and the fabric supports the head of newborns.

The fabric may feel a little tight at first, but it keeps baby snug against you and will adjust to your baby’s size and weight as he grows thanks to its stretchy fabric. 

However, it becomes a little too stretchy for some parents’ taste as the child approaches maximum weight.

Baby’s weight is well distributed on the wearer’s back and shoulders, and the wrap is adjustable in the end if you need adjustments.

It has been designed to be easily put on thanks to the knots already made, which come in the form of a double eight.

However, the size of the wrap is to be adapted according to the wearer (although possible, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the same item as your partner). 

Finally, the softness of the 100% cotton product (also available in organic cotton and several colors), its compactness (it folds up into a small bag), and the positive ethics of the brand (eco-friendly, charity) are highlighted.

A little extra: users are delighted with the brand’s customer service, which is attentive and helps you when in doubt! In the end, we like this product for its very practical pre-knotted scarf, its use for toddlers and older children, and its very soft cotton composition. You will love it if you want to test a “wrap” baby carrier but also like the ease!

Ergo baby carrier 

best baby carrier for lower back pain


4 carrying modes
Suitable for newborns and up to 15 kg
Low price


Circulation problems in some babies

Thousands of consumers have tested this very affordable and accessible ergo baby carrier. It pleases for its ergonomic design, comfortable for baby, and the wearer.

This model is efficient because it allows you to carry your little one in three different positions. 

You can put it in front of you at any age, thanks to the adjustable seat, which offers a reduced seat for newborns and a full seat when they grow up (up to 15 kg).

The M-shaped leg position is, therefore, always optimal, and toddlers won’t have their legs spread too far apart.

Toddlers can be carried on their stomach facing the world, or on their back in the “backpack” position.

Young children’s heads and necks are well-supported thanks to the headrest, and the baby carrier is also equipped with a bib to protect them and your clothes from possible soiling.

The belt and shoulder straps of this model provide excellent and comfortable support, although some users complain of back or shoulder pain. It depends on each person!

The straps are padded, but the materials used are not the softest (they are quite breathable, which is handy in summer!). Comfort is still correct compared to the price of this model.

Very practical, this best baby carrier for lower back pain is adjustable and is therefore suitable for both mums and dads, whatever your morphology.

However, several parents have noticed a significant disadvantage: they have observed circulation problems in their little one’s legs, resulting in bluish marks and small damaged vessels.

Some have followed a mother’s instructions, and to solve this problem; she advises placing a towel or other cloth under your baby’s buttocks to raise him in his seat.

It is hoped that Infantino will consider this inconvenience and adapt this product accordingly.

In the end, this baby carrier is chosen due to its multiple positions, adaptability to the physiques of different carriers, and its adjustable seat to suit all ages. It will delight you for sure if you are looking for an efficient baby carrier at a low price. 

It does not reach the first place in this category because of the circulation problems observed in some babies: although they are infrequent, we preferred to opt for a safer model.

The best mid-range baby carriers

In this category, we offer two baby carriers (please note that the price may vary according to colors).

Both models are efficient and useful. We have given preference to the first one for its organic cotton composition.

front facing baby carrier

best baby carrier for lower back pain


3 positions
Suitable for newborns and up to 20 kg
100% organic cotton


Picks up dust

This preformed baby carrier is convenient when you want to save a little time, as it is light and effortless to put on.

You can put the baby in the three usual positions (tummy, hip, and back), and parents are delighted with the comfort this model brings to their little one who falls asleep quickly and peacefully in it.

Its use is intended for newborns as well as children up to 20 kg, which promises sure profitability in the long term.

An exclusive panty is integrated to suit very young babies and ensure an optimal M position. 

The ergonomically designed model also respects the natural curvature of your child’s back and can be adjusted using a zip fastener.

Parents are particularly pleased with the integrated hood, which protects from the sun and rain and supports the head of the very young or sleeping baby.

For the comfort of the wearer, the straps are adjustable and multi-position (standard or crossed). The weight is then well distributed, and the adjustable waist belt provides adequate support for the back. Many are delighted to be able to walk with the baby for several hours without feeling pain!

We approve the 100% organic cotton composition of the model, which is, therefore, absolutely safe for the health of your little ones. The disadvantage is that it quickly picks up dust. A machine change will solve the problem, and users simply advise to avoid the black version of the sling.

In the end, this model from Manduca seduced us with its ease of use for young and old, its comfort for all, and its super organic cotton composition! It will be your ally if you like simplicity and efficiency.

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

best baby carrier for lower back pain


Soft, elastic and breathable material
You can take nurse of it


The baby should look inside.
Tons of material to work with

Boba is a large company specialized in the manufacture of this type of product. His creations have a very high performance, guaranteed largely by his years in the market. Their color can be chosen, but they are regularly gray, which is an advantage if it should be shared between brother and sister.

It is the one that best relation in terms of cost-quality. The pieces of the article have no hard components, all of them being soft cloth. This is important because some babies may have a hard allergy. The only disadvantage of this is that the tissue resistance is lower.

The best premium baby carriers

Here you will find our selection of two items whose price varies according to the colors.

We have given preference to the first model, which is more breathable and will serve you longer thanks to its higher maximum weight.

ergo baby carrier 360

best baby carrier for lower back pain


4 positions
Suitable for newborns and up to 20 kg


Slightly abrasive material

Ergobaby has recently “updated” its famous Omni 360, which now offers better ventilation thanks to its 3D Mesh net. This makes it very practical for all seasons.

However, it should be noted that while better ventilation provides more comfort for both baby and wearer, some users found the feel of the original cotton model more pleasant.

Ergonomic in all positions, you can place baby on your stomach facing you or facing the world, on your hip or your back. Users are also delighted with the quality of the “facing the world” position offered by this baby carrier (please note, however, that this position is less physiological and, therefore, generally less recommended).

It is suitable for your child from birth and up to 20 kg. You don’t need a toddler reducer, which many find very practical!

The baby carrier includes a headrest, which is very useful for supporting the head of newborns and for discreet breastfeeding. It also has UV protection 50+, ideal for your little blond heads!

A removable storage pouch will delight parents looking for practicality.  

For the comfort of mum and dad, the straps are adjustable (standard or crossed) and well padded. The waist belt is a big plus; it provides optimal support for your back and adjusts the weight of your little one at your best convenience. No matter what size you are, you will be able to adapt to this baby carrier, according to the wearer.

On the other hand, like most models, it is not very easy to put on and position on your back alone.

In the end, the most important things to remember about this model are its four positions, its convenient accessories, and its breathable material. It is moreover adaptable to each wearer. Finally, this model has been approved and rewarded by the magazine “Parents,” expert in baby advice!

baby Bjorn carrier

best baby carrier for lower back pain


4 positions
Suitable for newborns and up to 15 kg
Oeko-Tex fabrics


Convenient for smaller wearers

Here we present you with the latest version of the One baby carrier, which is more supple and flexible than the previous model.

Babybjörn’s bestseller offers four different positions: on your back, on your stomach facing the world, and two possible heights for the prone position facing you. The seat height is adjustable to suit toddlers.

The baby carrier is designed for children from birth up to 15 kilos and is physiological for everyone. A headrest supports the head of the smallest children.

This recent version is made from a softer, more breathable fabric, but remains sturdy. Besides, the materials used are Oeko-Tex certified and, therefore, untreated, which protects your little one from potentially toxic substances. As babies are known to put anything they find in their mouths, this is, of course, a big plus!

After the initial adjustments, which are a little complicated, it is easy and comfortable to use. Adjustable, it will suit all wearers but is still big enough for smaller people.

It has well-padded shoulder straps and a belt to distribute the baby’s weight and pressure.

Many dads are very satisfied with the clean, unisex design of the carrier.

We, therefore, recommend this new ergonomic model, which is suitable for all babies, is practical and comfortable (as long as it is not too small), and is also made from materials that are harmless to children.

In conclusion, which best baby carrier for lower back pain to choose?

In the end, our hearts go out to the Manduca Pure Cotton Baby Carrier. Light and easy to put on, it is suitable for all ages and respects the baby’s development. It is also comfortable and adjustable for wearers. Finally, we approve of the 100% organic cotton composition of the model, which is, therefore, entirely healthy for little ones!

We also like the Baby K’tan wrap baby carrier because of its practical pre-knotted wrap model, and it’s six carrying positions. Made of cotton, it is very soft for baby, and its compact folding is another advantage. It’s a pity that its size is not adaptable to several wearers. 

It’s four carrying positions, its adaptability, its accessories, and above all, its ventilation system for all seasons made us fall in love with the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh baby carrier. Its ventilated mesh material is a little less comfortable, however, and its price won’t fit every wallet. 

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