Best baby crib mattresses in 2020: sleep in comfort.

Selecting the best baby crib mattresses may be confusing. Here are things to be aware of own your infant sleep just like, well, a baby. 

Throughout the first couple of months of life, your child will probably spend more time asleep than awake even though it won’t always seem like that! Part of getting your little one to sleep soundly is developing an excellent sleep surrounding. 

baby crib mattresses

Where to buy baby crib mattresses?

There are a lot of places to buy these necessary items for your little angels in your home, directly in the factories, in stores, or even online as well. Also, if you are looking to do everything from one place without having to move too much or because you can’t, your best option is to buy the baby mattress you are looking for so much online.

When you search you will always see websites with ads, and you can take a look if you want, but the best thing is that you go directly to

More about baby crib mattresses 

We have talked about several things about baby mattresses, but here we are going to go deeper into the world of beds and especially those used for cribs. There are some variants of these mattresses, and you can choose the one that best suits you, these are:

Cot bed mattress

The cot is an essential piece of furniture when it comes to buying all the little things that the newborn will need, and that must fulfill its function perfectly because as the child grows, it must be something lasting and perhaps for the next babies or if you want to sell it or give it away in good condition. You can also call it a convertible, and since they are so versatile, you will need a right mattress that adapts to the measurements of this type of crib; you can get all of them in the shops.

Spring mattress for baby

Recommended for newborns because of the position they must have when sleeping to have proper digestion when the springs are of good quality, guaranteeing a pleasant sleep for the baby. They are also available as anti-reflux mattresses (their name indicates it, preventing the baby from swallowing or having reflux that could cause sudden death and they should have a 45° angle so that, with the head raised, the baby has better breathing) with springs and they are also outstanding.

Baby mattress with springs or foam?

It is a dilemma that specialists have had for quite some time about whether one is better than the other or not if you don’t want to wait for them to finish agreeing or you have some love for these materials. You trust them, so you can discard them by just placing your hand and pressing them, the one that has more firmness is the best! But the foam comes in different densities (low, medium and high) it’s just a matter of asking the pediatrician what he thinks too, considering that the spring ones are the traditional option since they are economical.

Mattress for baby pens

Although many think that pens are for slightly larger children or babies, they can also be used (with apparent supervision) for smaller babies. These pens use a particular mattress because they are a little bigger than a simple crib; they are called a mat.

Hospital mattress mattress

Designed exclusively for use in hospitals and clinics, as there are those for adults, also those for babies. They are the ones that they have in the pavilions or in the seals, where they are placed for the first time with anti bedsores, anti ulcers, and other benefits that they contribute since they reduce friction and humidity. There are also standards for less special needs.

Anatomical and semi-orthopedic baby mattress

These crib mattresses adapt to the body and are very soft and firm, but it is always better to buy orthopedics to avoid a wrong position of the creature’s spine and neck. Make an effort for the health of your baby.

Orthopedic crib mattress

Since they are made in a way that supports the whole body, paying due attention to the joints and the back, they can be used by people who suffer from pain, but that does not mean that you cannot buy one for your baby and thus have less stress with a mattress that has more support and more firmness.

Oval baby mattress

This type of bed provides a unique view and design adapting precisely to the mini cots (some made to measure), the bassinet, and the stroller; In the market, there are many models to choose from.

Waterproof crib mattress

Not only the covers or protectors that come can be waterproof, but some beds are. They are outstanding, and although there are others to protect them with these other accessories, it is valid that you want to acquire them.

Latex crib mattresses

Or natural rubber and is usually very expensive, and there are also hybrid mattresses with a mixture of natural rubbers and latex. While synthetic materials pose some specific risks, latex mattresses, in general, are comfortable and offer excellent support for growing children.

What are the measures of baby mattresses?

It is something that every mom or dad should know, the measures of the mattress that the baby’s crib will have, making your life easier. Considering what we have placed lines above, not all cribs are the same size, so we recommend making the purchase all at once, the cradle along with the appropriate and recommended mattress.

In general, the measurements on the inside are 120 x 60 cm, 125 x 62 cm (mattresses for average cribs), 140 x 70 cm and 150 x 79 cm (mattresses for convertible cribs). Thickness can be 6 and 12 cm, and everything will depend on whether it is a travel cot or home, but depending on the manufacturer may vary. For mini cribs, the measures would be the bassinet and mini cribs for newborns that usually have a size of 75 x 52 cm.

Can I have my baby’s crib mattress custom made?

Of course, some companies are dedicated to that, and it is great that they exist in the market because there are people either children or babies in this case, with special motor needs or children with progeria, ichthyosis or other conditions that need a right mattress suitable for resting, not only that but also whether you are remodeling the room and want to adapt the bed to a particular form, there enter into action these entrepreneurs that the measure you ask will do.

How to keep baby mattresses clean?

For our children to have good health, it is crucial to take care of them from the moment we know they are coming, and that also applies to when you already have them in their arms, a long way to go 

As they grow, taking care of cleaning all your baby’s things is essential that we have it as a priority to avoid illness. Use the following tips to keep your baby crib mattress impeccable and free of bacteria.

  • We recommend that you use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner on the bed from time to time to make sure that the mites stay away from the infant and if you buy a special vacuum for that better since you don’t stick the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner in other surfaces without contaminating the mattress.
  • The previous point cannot go under the table if your child has allergies or asthma, be sure to wash the cover very well at 60 ° each week in the washing machine to eliminate all mites and bacteria.
  • After vacuuming, place a little soap powder without bleach with hot water to make foam (placing a spoonful for every five cups of boiling water, if there are spots with a bit of lemon juice enough).
  • Then you will rub the mattress with a damp cloth or sponge very gently on all sides, without so much force because then it will cost to dry (avoiding mold, in the same way, if it happens, place it to bring enough sun).
  • If it is not very sunny, place the mattress in a cool and dry place where you are sure it will not get dirty and has good air circulation (you can put a clean, dust-free fan).
  • As final tips: You can place a little baking soda on the sprinkled mattress when it has dried and left it for one or two hours on each side before vacuuming so that it absorbs and removes any odor that has been present.

You can maintain proper hygiene throughout your crib, be it covers, pillows, etc . you should wash them every two or three days, and the best thing is, that all this is at hand so that you do not damage the delicate tissues with the sudden movement of the washing machine, you let soak everything with baby laundry detergents, and that’s it.

Accessories for crib mattresses

In some stores, the mattresses come with all the “toys,” in others they do not, but in the same way, we briefly place here the small accessories that may come with the purchase of a baby crib mattress, other things that you may be missing in this section would be optional (They can come with the purchase of the crib as such) since these three things are what matters most

Baby mattress covers

You can not miss this in your crib mattress, as they give protection to the infant from being directly in contact with the mattress (and does not dirty it) and it is protected from any external agent. They are made of PVC or cotton curl, even together; If you realize that the baby sweats a lot for the plastic sheath, take it off and use only the cotton one.

Crib mattress sheets

This can not be missed; it is mandatory to place some that are of the exact size of the mattress so that it does not detach from the corners, and that can be dangerous if it happens at a time you do not see it could entangle or suffocate the baby.

Pillows for baby mattresses

They come in different sizes and sizes up to materials, but not all of them bring pillowcases for crib mattresses. There are hypo allergens that are the most recommended, some softer than others, and even elastic; From very small, it is best to place rectangular or square pillows adapted to the bed, and after older, you can buy some allusive pads some stuffed animal or another form.

TrenBaby’s best baby crib mattresses pick

an organic crib mattress

Why we love it

Sweet dreams are made of…luxurious organic cotton. This option to synthetic materials and foams helps parents rest more comfortable, knowing that their small one is currently snoozing on safe materials. And when things get messy (which they will), the food-grade polyethylene watertight surface creates a stain-resistant, waterproof barrier you’ll be able to wash clean. Designed for two stages (with a firm side for infants and also a cushioned bottom for toddlers), it’s a splurge that’ll last for many years.

Budget baby crib mattresses

Why we love it

You Can Not beat the Purchase Price of the Heavenly Dreams Mattress.

The high-density fiber core sets your scooter up with company support as they increase. It’s Greenguard Gold accredited, meeting standards for low chemical emissions. Along with the vinyl cover stands up to mildew, odors, and stains.

Breathable Crib Mattress

Why We Love It

For in regards to crib mattresses the ultimate in breathability, the innovative Newton is the apparent winner. Every inch of the bed is designed with your baby’s health and security in mind. The Newton’s heart is made from 90% free air (yup, you read that right) so that your little one can breathe directly through it. The wraparound fabric that encases the mattress is entirely sterile, and it unzips for washing. (There is also a waterproof version if you would prefer that.) The bed is also comfortable. The cover is made from a material that prevents bacterial growth.

mattress in a box

Why We Love It
The Casper, this Graco mattress at a box of baby mattresses, is equally entertaining to observe expand as its full-size counterparts and is fast climbing the list of mattresses that are best for its many features. This superior foam mattress is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a convenient option if you’ll be lugging it upstairs or keeping it until the baby arrives (before you enlarge it, of course). It features a water-resistant, removable cover, firmness that is mid-range and was made to fit any standard full-size crib. Note that Graco recommends unrolling the mattress to allow for expansion in a space temperature setting.

Lightweight Mattress

Why We Love It
Changing sheets is no fun, and we are likely to report that changing your little one’s crib sheets may be worse. That is because you need to lift the entire mattress out of the crib every time–which is lots of parents decide on a mattress option. This one weighs only seven pounds but doesn’t sacrifice comfort or quality. The mattress is waterproof with a wipe-clean coating, and the WaveSupport center offers additional support for infants and makes out of materials that are food-safe and recycled.

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