best oil for baby massage for fair skin.

Best oil for baby massage for fair skin in 2020

Best oil for baby massage for fair skin

To keep baby’s beautiful skin soft without damaging it, it needs to be cared for. Indeed, until the age of 3, your child’s skin is fragile and immature. Its thin and not very resistant hydrolipidic film has difficulty defending itself against external aggressions (heat, cold, rubbing of the nappies, prolonged humidity, pollution…). It must, therefore, be helped to protect itself.

Learn everything you need to know about the different types and the correct use of the best oil for baby massage for fair skin.

What is baby oil, and how to use it?

best oil for baby massage for fair skin

Baby oil, as its name suggests, is a special oil for sensitive skin of children at an early age. There are different types of oils and brands recommended for children’s use, which we will explain in this guide. The use of baby oil not only helps in skincare but also strengthens the bond between parents and children. In particular, caresses and baby massage strengthen the relationships from the earliest stages. Without a doubt, the use of edible oil is an exceptional and pleasant experience for children’s senses. At the same time, it helps them to calm down, feel safe and sleep well. Not only does it foster an emotional relationship between the two, but it also contributes to healthy development.

Apart from the sensory benefits, it also prevents the drying out of the skin and reduces skin problems. Keep in mind that the soft protective layer that baby oil gives to your skin also promotes cell activity and nutrition. It also helps to maintain body temperature. Especially after the bath, it is very advisable to give our little ones a luxurious massage. Undoubtedly, sharing that intense moment of mutual benefit brings excellent benefits. It is advisable to start from the first month of life, and no previous knowledge is necessary. In short, above all it is a matter of dedicating a lot of delicacy and tenderness, that is undoubtedly the primary key.

What are the benefits of baby oil?

The great benefit of baby oil is above all to keep the delicate skin moisturized and silky. Whether after a bath, before bed or anytime we notice dry skin. Through the protective layer of baby oil, we will help prevent skin problems and promote cellular health. We must take into account the high sensitivity of our baby’s skin, which is why its correct hydration is so important.

By using baby oil, we will support the correct regeneration and care of the skin. Apart from the above, we will also contribute to toning our children’s muscles and firming up their sensitive tissue. Thus, the benefits of including baby oil massages in our daily routine are multiple. Not only will we strengthen our emotional bond, but we will also achieve greater closeness and attachment. Without a doubt, we must find a moment of calm, to intensely enjoy that particular moment.

Which is considered the best oil for baby massage for fair skin?

It is vital to use only those baby oils that are dermatologically tested and have a vegetable composition. Of course, we should always choose cold-pressed, organic, additive-free first oil. No synthetic perfumes, no preservatives or colourings and no substances of petrochemical origin. Below, we recommend the products and brands that are most highly rated by children’s dermatologists. However, another option is to prepare your baby oil blend with natural base oils and adding essential oils. Throughout this guide, we will give practical advice on how to make your own recommended baby oil. This way, you will have a useful reference, and you will not be wrong in choosing the best oil for your baby. We will also show you where to buy them at the best prices and most safely and comfortably.

Tips for using the best oil for baby massage for fair skin

Of course, each baby is a world and varies according to your preferences. But generally, optimal times are associated with greater relaxation. As you might expect, babies will be more receptive, especially when the moments are more pleasant for them. Many recommend that you do this after a relaxing bath, drying your baby with gentle touches on their skin. This will stimulate circulation before applying the oil. Next, rub your hands with baby oil to warm them up and place them on the still slightly moist skin.

Then, gradually move your body over it and massage it until the skin completely absorbs it. You will surely notice how your little one will enjoy the sensation of the soothing effect. Besides, the swaying of your hands will help them to become familiar with their body contours. Through this process, you will also help her to get to know the different parts of her body better through touch. Also, this ritual is part of the essential non-verbal communication between parents and children at an early age.

Conclusions on best oil for baby massage for fair skin

In short, massage oils for the baby’s skin are highly recommended to promote the well-being of our children. Cultivate the habit of relaxation with a gentle daily massage, and it is beneficial to strengthen the bonds with our children. It is crucial to choose a suitable baby oil, especially for the care of the most sensitive skin. In addition to the benefit of the skin itself, we will feel fulfilled, and our child’s feeling of comfort will increase considerably.

The skin is, of course, just as important as taking care of a proper diet. With this simple method, we stimulate the senses and body recognition. Remember that massages should be done in quiet moments, both for the mother or father and of course for the child — no rush, no distractions and in a familiar environment. Of course, sunset is perfect, but it can also be done at other times that are comfortable for us.

How to apply baby oil?

the best oil for baby massage for fair skin

How to make your own baby oil?

1. Before you make your baby oil

Before you start, keep in mind that making your baby oil is a breeze and won’t take long. However, it is worth following some practical advice. The main thing is to make sure that you do not suffer from any intolerances or allergies that you or your child may have. To do this, first, try the oils with a drop on your forearm and then leave it to work for a few minutes.

2. What container is suitable for baby oil?

The containers recommended for the storage of anybody oil are undoubtedly those made of opaque glass. These are ideal because they protect the oil from light and improve its conservation. It is essential to know their capacity in millilitres to make the right mix between vegetable and essential oils. Finally, they must be hermetically sealed to prevent oxygen from entering the container.

3. Base oils for babies

vegetable oils are indeed substances of very high nourishing and regenerating value for the skin. If you are used to industrial creams, when you start using these baby oils, you will certainly not want to go back. Besides, their use is effortless, and the results will surprise you. Not only on your baby’s skin but also on your own if you decide to use them regularly. As a result, you will feel that your skin is naturally nourished and free of accumulated toxins. 

  • The base vegetable oils are the conductors in which we will dilute the essential oils.
  • They regulate the amount of oil in the skin, not increase it.
  • Their function is to hydrate and nourish the skin as if it were a cream.
  • There is no need to take into account specific proportions.
  • To begin with, we recommend using a maximum of three, with a third of each.

4. Essential oils for babies 

  • These are very concentrated substances that should always be diluted in base vegetable oils.
  • They have valuable therapeutic properties and active ingredients.
  • They are always used in very reduced quantities of just a few drops.
  • They should not be applied directly to the skin.
  • Use a maximum of 4 essential oils in each mixture.

5. Dosing and mixing of the best oil for baby massage for fair skin

As a general rule, the mixing ratios between vegetable and essential oils for sensitive skin should be:

99% of vegetable oils,1% essential oils

Note that 15-20 drops correspond to approximately 1 ml. So we will use this amount to mix with 100 ml of base vegetable oils. From here, you can easily calculate the ratio for other amounts of your baby oil.

6. Precautions when using essential oils

In spite of being natural substances of high value and magnificent properties, we must take into account the following precautions:

  • Do not ingest: although in some cases they are used internally, it should never be done without medical supervision.
  • Do not apply undiluted: they should always be used diluted in a conductive substance such as vegetable oil, clay, water or alcohol.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes: since these are such concentrated substances, they produce irritation when they come into contact with the eyes.
  • If irritation occurs: apply a base vegetable oil to the area with a cotton ball and then rinse with plenty of water.

7. Conservation of baby oil 

The three most important factors for the preservation of fuels are to avoid light, oxygen and of course, heat:

  • Store preferably inside the bathroom cabinet and packaged in an opaque glass container.
  • The place where we deposit it mustn’t be exposed to high temperatures.
  • When we use oil, we will try to keep it open as little as possible.
  • Essential oils are volatile, meaning that they evaporate in prolonged contact with the environment.

Vegetable-based oil for babies

 best oil for baby massage for fair skin

The calming properties of calendula oil are undoubtedly explained to moisturize and nourish children’s skins. It is advisable to include it in any mixture of baby oils for its regenerative, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Remember: don’t be afraid to make your baby oil with vegetable-based oils, since you can’t go wrong. Furthermore, it is not necessary to take into account an exact or determined proportion.

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