Home Birth: What You Should Consider Before Doing It

Home birth: ARE you made for it?

We hear it well enough “giving birth to a child is a wonderful gift from nature”, but next to all these moments of happiness and joy, there is the stress of childbirth, especially for your first time! Our body is changing, we no longer even fit into our socks, we have to prepare for the arrival of the baby, anticipate everything, but also choose how we want to give birth (it’s rather an important choice to make, isn’t it?) It is therefore essential to be well prepared to avoid the drop of water that will overflow the vase when you are on the table and your companion will act as a stress ball.

While there are many ways to give birth to a child, nowadays, giving birth in a hospital is like breathing air, it is logically imposed on us. Yet abroad, it is home birth that is essential, 30% in Holland for example.

this practice is attracting more and more women even if it is not yet widely practiced, but are you suited for a home birth?

Home birth: how does it work in practice?

Unless you don’t have time to go to the maternity ward or you have decided to give birth alone like in the old films where it screams and cries (what a cinematographic trauma), home birth can be a possible solution for all those who are not fans of the hospital atmosphere. If you wish to choose this option, you can talk to your gynecologist about it.

However, there is no obligation for a doctor to perform a home birth, if this is your case, he or she may recommend a colleague or refer you to midwives who are more adept at the practice. After contacting a midwife, several meetings will be organized to set up the project and plan everything at the organizational level. The midwife will be there to get to know you, to see if this method of delivery is right for you, but also to answer all your questions. That way, on D-Day: no stress (well, almost)!

Home birth is by far the cheapest, If your midwife is overcharging fees, check with your mutual insurance company, as some may take them into account.

Why would I choose this method of delivery?

Home birth has infallible arguments to convince you, I will summarize three main points that will seduce you:

1-The warm atmosphere of the family home… what better way to give birth to your child? The latter will be directed at home surrounded by the people who love him, no passage through the maternity ward. Then ladies, how to refuse the comfort of your bed, be at home in peace (no stress for the journey to the hospital), no pressure to receive visits at any time… There is even evidence that people recover better after a home birth than in hospital. All the more reason to choose serenity and homemade!
2-The supervision of home birth is very professional, the many appointments allow you to know who you are dealing with, it is possible to establish links with the midwife or doctor, which you would not necessarily have with hospital staff. Here, we see to whom we entrust our body and child, this creates a feeling of trust, which is not an insignificant level of stress.
3-You are free to go! And yes, the advantage of home birth is that you are in control of the situation, you can give birth where you want, in the position you want… no more feet in the stirrups and infusions planted in all your veins. You are not passive, you take part in this event and exercise a certain control over the situation (and especially over the pain!)

Home birth puts everything on its side to reassure us and give us confidence before birth. Personally, being a little cozy, I prefer the coldness of the hospital to the warmth of the family place, even if it means being completely drugged with liters of anesthetic products in my blood, as long as I don’t feel the pain. But I completely understand the charm of this way of giving birth, which seems more natural and less medicalized.

Are there any risks when giving birth at home?

Be aware that if your delivery poses any risk to you or the baby, or if it is complicated (twins, hypertension, diabetes…) you will be refused. So there is no reason for this to go wrong, especially since you will be well supervised. Home birth is as risky as a hospital delivery, with proper preparation it will go well. Besides, during your pregnancy you must create a classic maternity file in case you need to be transferred at the last minute, so you can plan everything in case of an emergency (transport, establishment…). Normally, the last monthly visits will be made in the maternity ward, as well as the pre-anesthesia visit. But all this is done if necessary, don’t worry, the midwife won’t come with her hands in her pockets on the day!

Home birth is, therefore, a method that is intended to be reassuring and natural. However, there are as many women as there are opinions, so it’s a different method as long as you are healthy and reassured on the day the baby is born. If you want to discover another natural method, I advise you to take a look at the side of water delivery.

Does this method appeal to you?
If any of you have already tested HOME BIRTH, share your experience in feedback with us.

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