places to have a baby shower:7 locations to host the event

places to have a baby shower: 7 locations to host the event

places to have a baby shower

The baby shower is the party that expectant mothers love. This event is organized in honor of the mother-to-be, usually during the last trimester of pregnancy. Activities, cakes, gifts… All these are beautiful things that make you happy, especially when you are surrounded by your friends and family. Today we give you 7 ideas of places to have a baby shower worthy of the name. Advantages, disadvantages, simple, original… You will necessarily find the place that will please the future mother.

1. At the mother-to-be’s house

Usually, the baby showers are organized at the mother-to-be’s home. The advantage? She doesn’t need to move and can stay quiet in her cozy little nest while having a great day. You can enjoy the decoration and set up everything before the guests arrive. On the other hand, if it is a surprise, you will have to organize everything with the future father, be very discreet but also make sure that the future mother will not be around on D-Day when you want to install everything. The disadvantage? Even if the place is rather comfortable, it may lack a little originality and you will not be surprised.

2. At the home of a relative

Organizing a baby shower at a loved one’s home is the best way to keep the event secret and surprise your pregnant friend. You will have no technical constraints, you can prepare everything quietly and just wait for the guest of honor to show up to shout “surprise”. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to have someone in your entourage who has a large living room to welcome everyone but also to make sure that the children/husband will not be around otherwise this day between girls will be disrupted.

3. In a garden

This idea is a little similar to the two previous ones, you just need to have a friend who has a beautiful and big garden. It will be ideal if you organize a baby shower in spring or summer. You can take advantage of the sunny days to spend a quiet afternoon outside. You can also organize different activities to enjoy the sun. Of course, the weather will have to be with you, otherwise, you will have to quickly find a plan B to maintain the event.

4. In a park or a botanical garden

Don’t you have a garden on hand? Why not organize a baby shower in a public park or a botanical garden? You will be spoilt for choice and you can even choose a garden where the place will already be used as a decoration. You can keep the surprise by planning a walk with the future mother, you will, of course, have to be well organized. The disadvantages are of course the weather and the public nature of the park, in fact, you will not be alone (unless you have the means to privatize it, which seems complicated all the same). The installation will also be complicated, you will have to organize a picnic, except that it will be necessary to take into account the fact that the future mother will need to be well seated.

5. In a café or restaurant

This is an idea that should surprise the expectant mother. You can go to a coffee shop or tea room with a decoration you like. In addition to having the decoration, you can also get information to order cakes and other sweets that will fill your bellies throughout the event. This will save you hours in the kitchen baking cupcakes or rainbow cakes. On the other hand, it is a public place, so you will be less quiet unless you find a place with corners less exposed to passers-by. If not, you can consider privatizing it, but it will cost a little money.

6. In a baby store ( one of our favorite places to have a baby shower)

Yes yes yes, you heard us right: a baby store! Still not widespread, it is possible to privatize a baby store and organize a baby shower. It will still be necessary to find out beforehand because there must be few stores that accept privatization for a personal event. On the other hand, you have to admit that it has little effect, even more so if you can arrange a cozy little corner and personalize the decoration. And if your guests haven’t found any gifts yet, they can let the mom do her shopping list.

7. During a creative workshop

Here is a great idea that will combine the place but also the activity! Nowadays, the workshops are very popular, all you have to do is find the one that will please the mother-to-be and book the seats. Feel free to contact the company to find out if it is possible to organize several workshops in the afternoon in order to have the venue just for you. Why not go to a workshop related to the baby? If the mother-to-be is very zero waste, natural products…you can go to a workshop where you will learn how to make your own beauty products or body care products. The disadvantage is that the rate may be a little higher than expected and guests will have to pay their share and that of the future mother, but you will certainly have a very nice afternoon.

All these places are also perfect for a Gender Reveal Party!

Where did you organize your baby shower?
What place from our list of places to have a baby shower would you like for your own party?
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