three weeks pregnancy signs: pregnancy symptoms 3rd week

At three weeks of pregnancy, your body begins to change and you experience the first concrete symptoms of pregnancy. Your baby is gradually developing and his heart is beating! so what’re the three weeks pregnancy signs?
three weeks pregnancy signs
At this stage, it is now certain: you are indeed pregnant. This is still the very beginning of your pregnancy, but your body is already the site of many changes and the first symptoms appear. The embryo is still very small but it develops at a very high speed. His heart is even starting to beat even if, of course, you don’t realize it at all! This week, you do not have to take any special steps. You have a little time to do the first official prenatal consultation, but nothing prevents you from making an appointment right now. You are still in your first month of pregnancy

three weeks pregnancy signs: your body, pregnant

Symptoms of pregnancy
As early as the third week of pregnancy, some women fully feel the first signs of pregnancy. Some, such as morning sickness or mood swings, can even be quite unpleasant on a daily basis. But don’t worry, they’re temporary. They are mainly due to the massive arrival of hormones such as estrogens and progesterone. There are also other common signs, such as a permanent need to pee or cravings that make you snack all day long. Be careful not to rush into sweets!
I have bleeding, is it serious?
At the very beginning of pregnancy, small bleeding may occur. Don’t worry: they are completely normal and often related to nidation, i.e. the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. While most of the time they are completely benign, it is nevertheless important to monitor them. If they persist, are abundant and/or are accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, it may be a miscarriage. Consult without delay. Be aware that miscarriages are very common in early pregnancy, and do not affect the possibility of getting pregnant again quickly.
Belly size
At this stage of pregnancy, your belly has not yet begun to round out. However, you may start to feel a little cramped in your jeans, especially at the end of the day. Hormonal upheavals, embryo implantation, and digestive disorders can cause a slight swelling of the belly… until it comes out for good!

three weeks pregnancy signs: fetal development

Fetal growth
Even if it is still only between 1 mm and 1.5 mm long, the embryo is in full development. Every day, it doubles in volume! It does not yet look like a baby as such: it is a small elongated shape on which you can guess a small head in the making and a kind of tail. There is an early neural tube, which will then give birth to the brain and spinal cord, and thus to the nervous system. The umbilical cord and placenta also continue to develop: soon your baby will be able to receive the nutrients needed for growth through the placenta. His head is formed as he goes along, with the first draft of the ears and eyes.
A beating heart
The 3rd week of pregnancy is marked, for your baby, by the formation of his heart. It is formed by two blood vessels that meet. This brand new organ starts to contract and therefore starts to beat very slowly, about 40 beats per minute. But it is indeed your baby’s heart. This one will supply blood to the various organs in full formation.

three weeks pregnancy sigNS: advice and procedures

The first prenatal consultation
The first prenatal consultation is an opportunity to take stock of your state of health. The doctor or midwife who receives you will ask you about your personal and family history and will conduct a clinical examination to confirm the diagnosis of pregnancy. It will also determine the date of the beginning of pregnancy and the expected date of termination. Finally, he will prescribe a number of additional tests to check that everything is in order. The first reflex to take when you discover that you are pregnant is to consult a doctor. In theory, this first prenatal consultation must take place before the end of the third month of pregnancy. But in practice, there is no point in waiting: the sooner you do the tests, the sooner you will know if everything is in order and the sooner you will be reassured about the progress of the pregnancy. You can choose to have this first consultation with your doctor or your usual gynecologist, but also with a liberal midwife or in hospital.
Ultrasound scan
At this stage, it is rare that you are already prescribed an ultrasound. However, sometimes, for example, if you have heavy bleeding or if your doctor is simply equipped with ultrasound equipment, he or she may do a quick ultrasound. You will not yet see the embryo and will not be able to hear its heartbeat, but you will distinguish the gestational sac and the yolk vesicle.


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